Dipping Your Way to Health – Snacks For Addicts and Making Snack Food Nutritious

Getting home after a long day means falling onto the nearest sofa and putting your feet up. The first thing to hit you is hunger, closely followed by thirst and a desire to not move for the next hour! Unfortunately, if you want something to eat, moving is usually unavoidable but you can prepare a healthy snack in minutes if you have been organized enough to make some dips that can be kept in the refrigerator, ready for ‘me-time’ when you get home after battling with commuters and traffic.

The all time favourite dip ingredient has to be avocado. Avocado is rich in potassium and vitamins A and E with antioxidant properties; useful for decreasing ageing signs and also to protect against serious health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Use two cups of avocado and mix them with tomatoes, yellow pepper, lemon juice and tahini. Add flax seed oil, garlic, cayenne pepper and salt and scoop up the dip with romaine lettuce for a yummy sofa snack.

Another dip recipe uses two cups of crushed peas instead of avocado, with a teaspoon of dulse powder for a smoky flavour. You can dip celery sticks and other sliced vegetables or home baked potato chips.

Spring rolls are another top class, healthy and flavorful choice for a between meal filler For extra zest, try combining fresh chillies, garlic, honey and ginger for a hot dipping experience.

For serial ‘snackies’ who love to ‘vedge out’ on the sofa, life can be made so much easier with the purchase of a good quality cold press masticating juicer. Just add the ingredients and let the juicer do the work for you to produce a delicious dip for evening snacks and accompaniments to meals.

Purchase a ‘mandolin’ slicer and chopper to make your snack preparation even more convenient. A mandolin can whiz up a pile of sliced or shredded vegetables and fruits in seconds and ensure your snacks look even nicer as they will be of uniform size. Take the time to purchase good quality and efficient equipment at the outset to be sure of best quality snacks.

Mayonnaise and the popular Spanish ‘alli oli’ – the derivative of the mayo dip with the addition of minced or crushed garlic, makes a simple but delicious dipper and home made potato chips can be kept for days if stored efficiently, to use as extra dippers to accompany fresh fruit and vegetables. Creamed cheese may be added to the list and adapted with the addition of extra herbs and spices to make delicious dips.

Snacking and ‘dipping snacks’ need not necessarily be unhealthy to be tasty and foodies are beginning to convert to the healthy snack option rather than face the disorders that accompany junk food and unhealthy snack habits.

When using organic vegetables and fruits, remember to store them hygienically to avoid bacterial contamination and always check stored foods carefully before juicing: spoiled ingredients that have already been combined with other food are almost impossible to detect.